Dj Academy in Kenya

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For more than half a decade MELODY HOUSE has been teaching students of all ages how to mix through a comprehensive program which guides students in beatmatching, CD and vinyl mixing, scratch techniques, softwares and business. Classes are taught by professional DJs on the latest top of the range equipment. A certificate is awarded after successful completion.

Equipment Set-Up

  • Equipment functions
  • Introduction to Pioneer CDJs
  • Fade Mixing: basic transitions using the volume faders
  • Cueing techniques/Setting a cue point on Pioneer CDJs
  • Counting beats and bars, ‘Drop Mixing’


  • How to detect BPM/Tempo using Pioneer mixers / BPM counters
  • Understanding the structure of dance music / Beats, Bars and Phrasing
  • Beat matching different tracks
  • Practice phrase alignment/ synchronizing beats for mixes

Scratch Techniques and Deejaying  Softwares

How to Grow your DJ Business